Liverton Security is delighted to announce the launch of the Government Domain Name System. The customised all-of-government system manages the name space and In late May DIA transitioned to the new system.

The DNS solution enables government agencies to access a self-service portal to manage their assigned domain names, update zone records and name servers, and submit requests for new domain names. Changes to zone records can be scheduled for a future day and time and multiple changes can be queued. The LDNS solution supports Te Reo Māori vowels with macrons. All development of the product was carried out by New Zealanders and it will be supported by New Zealanders.

The DNS Solution includes a live-live fail-over system based in IaaS datacentres in Auckland and Wellington. Richard Bourne, Chief Executive, said “the system is robust and secure.” The system uses DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) to strengthen authentication using digital signatures based on public/private key cryptography.

Bourne said “Customisation of our DNS product for DIA has strengthened our portfolio of products and Liverton Security’s previous experience with domain name systems had proved invaluable during the project.”

Liverton Security is a member of the New Zealand Government’s Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) panel and the DNS is offered as part of the TaaS service catalogue.

Liverton Security is a New Zealand-owned cyber security provider which offers SEEMail, SmartGate, MailAdviser and other security-related products to government and commercial customers throughout New Zealand.

Further information can be obtained from  Richard Bourne, Liverton Security on (04) 931 9324