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New Features for MailAdviser

Assistance with incident investigation, removing classifications and exporting data.


Protect your business communications with SmartGate email filtering

SmartGate is an email content management filter which provides protection against growing email threats


SEEMail is a New Zealand Government solution to ensure secure email

SEEMail encrypts and decrypts email between New Zealand public sector organisations


Keep your email private with MailAdviser

MailAdviser helps prevent emails and attachments being sent to an incorrect recipient and warns of potentially harmful links in incoming email


Move large files securely and confidentially

Use SHIFT to send signed and encrypted files to Organisation Users and Public Users

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Government Level Security

SmartGate is a leading edge gateway content management filter, designed to provide high grade business and enterprise email protection against growing email threats by cyber criminals, competitors and email misuse by staff.

SmartGate provides robust and government grade email security system through a low cost, scalable model – that includes threat intelligence, encryption, virus, malware and data loss prevention tools that provide high grade protection. SmartGate was originally developed for Government departments and therefore has security robustness and functionality that exceeds almost all other similar products on the market.

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SEEMail is the New Zealand Government’s email encryption and security service, controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)

Without SEEMail

Emails are vulnerable to attack and, when unprotected, present danger to the corporate and enterprise environment.

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With SEEMail

Emails with SEEMail are protected from attack providing secure peace of mind and unharmed effective operations.

What is SEEMail?

SEEMail secures email traffic over the internet between participating New Zealand public sector organisations. The system is a gateway-to-gateway encrypted email service where the email is encrypted and decrypted by the organisation’s SEEMail server as it arrives/leaves the organisation.

SEEMail is an ‘opt-in’ service for all eligible public sector organisations. Organisations wanting to take up SEEMail do not have to complete a full procurement process as the Department of Internal Affairs (the Lead Agency) manages SEEMail on behalf of all eligible public sector organisations.

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MailAdviser filters email recipients, content and attachments and alerts users when a risk is detected. Protect your brand and reputation with MailAdviser.

Help prevent email data breaches by providing visibility and minimising risk.

  • Seemless integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Easy to use controller interface allows flexibility
  • Pop-up dialog gives key information and warnings
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Move large files securely and confidentially

  • Users can securely send files which are too large to send by email
  • Files are signed and encrypted using PKI certificates
  • Files are removed from the system once retrieved by the recipient
  • Complies with the security requirements of the NZISM
  • Can be used as a module of SmartGate/SEEMail or as a standalone solution
  • Can be used within an organisation or between an organisation and individual public users
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Domain Name System

Users of the Liverton Security Domain Name System (LDNS) use a self-service portal to manage domain and zone records.

Changes to zone records can be scheduled for a future day and time and multiple changes can be queued. The LDNS solution supports Te Reo Māori vowels with macrons.

The LDNS solution is a live-live fail-over system based in IaaS datacentres in geographically diverse centres. It is a robust and secure system.
The system uses DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) to strengthen authentication using digital signatures based on public/private key cryptography.

Customisation for specific requirements is available.

Liverton Security is a .nz authorised domain name registrar.


Domains move through a lifecycle of states: current/published, draft, scheduled or historic.

Two Factor Authentication

The Liverton Security DNS system uses 2FA to confirm the user’s identity.


Domain requests move through a lifecycle of states: draft, pending approval, not published, published or declined.


Users are assigned roles to control the functions they are able to use. Permissions are managed by the LDNS System Administrator.

Information Security Consulting

Liverton Technology’s Information Security Consulting services are designed to assist organisations design, implement and operate information security processes in a balanced way, focusing on risk, simplicity, innovation and learning.
Security Review

Information Security Governance and Review.

Policy Design

Design and Implementation.

Standards Alignment

Aligning all protocols and standards to compliance.

Business Continuity

Process implementation to maintain business continuity. 

Secure Everything.

Protect the organization against spam, viruses, malware, emerging threats and other challenges. Safeguard employee communication and enforce security controls. Liverton Security reduces risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention and more.

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