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Experiencing problems? Please contact us.
If you are unable to email us, use the form below to advise us of your issue.

If you wish to be notified by text of SEEMail or GovtDNS incidents please send an email to
Tell us your mobile phone number and the product about which you wish to be notified.

ServiceStatusStartETA Fix
SmartGateService Status Liverton Security
SEEMail GatewayService Status Liverton Security
GovtDNSService Status Liverton Security
LiveDNSService Status Liverton Security
MailAdviserService Status Liverton Security

SEEMAIL, SmartGate, MailAdviser

0508 LIVERTON      0508 5483 7866

04 931 9320

GovtDNS and LiveDNS

0800 LDNS999    0800 536 7999

04 931 9320

Incident Advice

When you are unable to use your email system, use this form to advise us of an incident.

  • Click in the field and select one or more products
  • Tell us your name, where you work, your phone number and a brief description of the incident/fault.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.