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SHIFT For Outlook/Web


Just like sending an email attachment, for files of any size

SHIFT For Outlook, send files of any size without needing it leave Microsoft Outlook

SHIFT For Outlook/Web Liverton Security

Screenshot: SHIFT For Outlook panel within Microsoft Outlook

SHIFT For Outlook/Web Liverton Security

Seamless Large File Transfer

Sending files used to be easy, just attach them to an email. Unfortunately files are now getting so big that sending them via email is not possible. Anything over 20MBs is likely to be rejected by your email system.

SHIFT is here to resolve this issue. SHIFT has all the benefits of sending files as attachments without the size limitation.

Files are signed and encrypted using PKI certificates.

SHIFT complies with the security requirements of the NZISM.

An Organisation User, anyone with a SHIFT gateway, can send and receive files to any other SHIFT user in any SHIFT organisation. Public Users are individuals who been invited to use SHIFT by an Organisation User.

User authentication is either via a local account, with mandatory 2FA, or via an organisation’s Active Directory.

SHIFT can be used as a module of SmartGate/SEEMail or as a standalone solution.


SHIFT is an add-on module to the Liverton Security SEEMail and SmartGate server. If you already have our SEEMail gateway, then SHIFT is ready to be used. You do not need to be a user of SEEMail to use SHIFT.

SHIFT uses the same encryption mechanism as SEEMail, including SEEMail certificates and encryption algorithms.

SHIFT For Outlook/Web Liverton Security

Certainty of Recipient

  • Files are transferred only to legitimate organisation or public users

File-Level Password Protection (optional)

  • Recipients need to know a password to be able to retrieve files. The password is created by the sender and communicated to the recipient by another communication channel e.g. SMS.

Defined Retention Time

  • All files have a retention period with a maximum of 30 days
  • The retention period is selected by the sender
  • Any file not retrieved within the retention period is deleted from SHIFT and the sender is notified

Delivery Notifications

  • Senders and recipients both receive notifications of the status of files in transit

Classification Tagging

  • Files can be tagged with a classification
  • Files are scanned for classification tags and will only be sent if the recipient has a matching or higher classification
  • Default classifications are Unclassified, Trusted, In Confidence, Sensitive, Restricted, SEEMail
  • Classification settings are consistent with SEEMail classifications

One-time Download

  • A file transfer can be flagged as one-time download. The file is deleted from SHIFT as soon as it has been retrieved by the recipient

Delivery Delay

  • Senders can delay the sending of a file to avoid times of peak email traffic. This is useful when sending large files which may impact on the available bandwidth of the sender, or for embargoed communications.

Administration Portal

  • A comprehensive management portal is available to configure and administer SHIFT. The dashboard shows the status of the server and the flow of files. Statistics, such as performance data, are available.


SEEMail is the New Zealand Government email encryption and security service, controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).


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