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SmartGate Liverton Security

Protect Your Business Communications

SmartGate is a leading edge gateway content management filter, designed to provide high grade business and enterprise email protection against growing email threats by cyber criminals, competitors and email misuse by staff.

SmartGate provides robust and government-grade email security through a low cost, scalable model – that includes threat intelligence, encryption, virus, malware and data loss prevention tools that provide high grade protection. SmartGate was originally developed for Government departments and therefore has security robustness and functionality that exceeds almost all other similar products on the market.

SmartGate also meets all currently accepted security standards and practices.


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The SmartGate DLP engine scans outgoing emails and quickly analyses them against a set of policies and assesses if the email and/or any attachments pose a potential security risk to the organisation.

Where a risk is identified, SmartGate quarantines the email and allows users or administrators to release it. The engine has a customisable policy set which allows organisations to increase or decrease the amount of data loss protection risk and control that is placed on an organisation’s communication. This is customisable within the administration engine.

SmartGate further protects organisations by providing leading pattern matching algorithms to allow capture and quarantine of sensitive information such as confidential attachments, credit card numbers or specific client information or numbers/codes contained within emails.

SmartGate Liverton Security


SmartGate Anti-Spam uses a variety of spam-detection techniques to successfully identify spam email content. It uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures, making it harder for spammers to identify any one aspect to which they can craft their messages to work around.

SmartGate Anti-Spam requires very little configuration, and you do not need to continually update mail accounts and mail servers as you do with other anti-spam offerings.


SmartGate Anti-Virus includes leading web threat analysis technology to effectively identify emails that contain malicious URLs and delivers zero-day protection against the latest threats.

SmartGate utilises a widely used anti-virus engine employing a range of intelligent security features to interrogate and identify malicious email messages in real-time to ensure your organisation is always safe.

SmartGate further protects against malware and phishing attacks for all devices. SmartGate scans embedded URLs each, and every, time the URL is clicked, to further prevent data loss and attacks on your organisation.


SmartGate Encryption automatically encrypts email at the mail gateway, adding an additional layer of protection to your information.

SmartGate encryption is built to very high security standards, using the latest S/MIME encryption, set by the GCSB and other security agencies. It provides robust protection to all organisations, to ensure emails cannot be intercepted, hacked, spoofed or read during transit over public networks.

SmartGate encryption is a fully capable solution which is easy to implement, and requires no user interaction, making it simple, and effective.


SmartGate provides exceptional visibility through comprehensive and detailed reports to provide you with information on your organisation’s email activity.

Reports tell users where email traffic is generated from, how many threats are being received, and analyses which policies are being triggered.

Reports can be scheduled to be distributed regularly to designated recipients by email, or users can publish reports into multiple formats for printing or distribution.


SEEMail is the New Zealand Government email encryption and security service, controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).


MailAdviser filters email recipients, content and attachments and alerts users when a risk is detected. Protect your brand and reputation with MailAdviser.


Shift provides safe and secure file transfers within organisation users at a government and enterprise level. SHIFT is fully integrated and seamless with SmartGate and SEEMail.

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