Our Team

Richard Bourne

Chief Executive

Michael Clark

Senior Systems Engineer

Amanda Maxwell

Project Manager

Deborah Gordon

Administration Manager

Chris Midgley

Senior Systems Engineer

Kumar Swaminathan

Business Development Manager

Rebecca Harvey

Software Tester

Doug Pollock

Business Development Mgr

Maciej Wojnar

Senior Software Developer

Daniel Kibblewhite

Systems Engineer

Colin Rhodes

Colin Rhodes

Technical Services Manager

Nick Woolgar

Business Development Manager

Jayanth Kommu

Systems Engineer

Rizwan Shaik

Software Developer

Our Story

Liverton Security has over 20 years’ experience providing complex, challenging and top quality products and services to local and international organisations and to New Zealand government agencies. We develop all our own software products.

We are a New Zealand-owned cyber security provider who offers SEEMail, SmartGate, MailAdviser and other security-related products to government and commercial customers throughout New Zealand. We built the core infrastructure for SEEMail for the New Zealand Government.

Liverton Security is a member of the New Zealand Government’s Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) panel offering services in the Managed Security Tower. We are also a member of the Security and Related Services (SRS) Panel in three categories: InfoSec Risk Management and Assessment, InfoSec Governance and Strategy, and InfoSec Assurance.

Liverton Security is associated with Liverton Limited which offers automation solutions, internet provision and management, and consulting.

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